*NEW* Combo D Mother's day afternoon set x2 + Pastry Papa Bake salmon x1

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Pastry Papa specially launched the lady’s afternoon tea set for the mothers on Mother's Day, so that you can enjoy all our most popular desserts and savoury products at once.

Afternoon tea includes: Chicken puff sandwich, smoked salmon sandwich tower, raspberry lychee pillow cake (new), vanilla caramel pudding, scones (black currant, cheese), van-au-vent, salted caramel macaron, and dark chocolate mousse cup.

 Chicken puff sandwich: American style fried chicken with honey dill sauce.

Smoked salmon Sandwich Tower: Smoked salmon with cream cheese.

 Raspberry Lychee Pillow Cake(new): The mousse cake formed by lychee mousse with raspberry sauce and the fluffy vanilla cake form a special taste experience.

Vanilla Caramel Pudding: The pudding made from vanilla bean pods has a different feel from the vanilla extract pudding.

Scone : A dessert (one divided into two blackcurrants and cheese flavors) that you must have in the English afternoon tea, and it comes with jam.

 Van-au-vent: PASTRY PAPA's own homemade puff pastry is added with special creamy mushroom sauce.

 Salty caramel macaron: Adding a heart to the original salty caramel macaron represents infinite love for your mother.

Dark Chocolate Mousse Cup: Chocolate sauce is added to the Belgian dark chocolate mousse, so that every bite is filled with the mellow taste of chocolate.

🌹🌹Pastry Papa 在母親節特別為女神媽媽們推出貴婦下午茶套餐,讓您一次可以享受我們所有最受歡迎的甜點以及咸品。

下午茶包括了: 雞排泡芙三明治,煙熏三明治塔,紅梅荔枝枕頭蛋糕(新),香草焦糖布丁,斯康餅(黑醋栗,起士), 蘑菇酥皮盒子,鹽味焦糖馬卡龍,黑巧克力慕斯杯。

 ⭐️雞排泡芙三明治: 美式炸雞排佐蜂蜜時蘿醬。

⭐️煙熏三明治塔: 煙熏三文魚佐奶油起士。

⭐️紅梅荔枝枕頭蛋糕: 荔枝慕斯與紅莓果醬形成的慕斯蛋糕以及鬆軟的香草蛋糕形成了特別的味覺體驗。

⭐️香草焦糖布丁: 香草豆莢做的布丁有著不同與市售布丁的感覺。

⭐️司康餅: 在英式下午茶依定要有的一款點心(一分兩個黑醋栗跟起士口味),還附果醬。

⭐️蘑菇酥皮盒: 在PASTRY PAPA 自產的千層酥皮中加入了特製奶油蘑菇醬。一定會讓您感覺到幸福的感覺。

⭐️鹽味焦糖馬卡龍: 在原本鹽味焦糖馬卡龍上面加上一個愛心代表對媽媽無限的愛。

⭐️黑巧克力慕斯杯: 在比利時黑巧克力慕斯中加入了巧克力醬,讓你每一口都充滿了巧克力的香醇口感。


⭐️⭐️配送時間5/8 , 5/9 請註明prefer 哪天配送!